Saturday, April 21, 2012

To gain control we must lose control

We, humans, spend most of out time and energy trying to control our future rather it be tomorrow, next year, or during our elder years. We have a problem; control.

For the past five years I have realized some things about myself that I never thought was there. I was shown that I had some very deep issues about myself, my connection to others around me; control issues mostly.

I had a special friend that taught me so much that I will always be eternally grateful.

When he first started or should I say when we first started hanging out together all I heard was THE WAY.

I can say that then I really didn't know what he meant, but now I understand. He shown me to THE WAY. I can't give him all the credit for he had help or should I say he helped.

Do I say he is perfect? No, far from it. Even though he, as myself, knows of THE WAY, he has a rough time traversing it himself as we all do..... that's THE WAY.

What is THE WAY? Its not really a spiritual path, but it starts in your spirit. It's not just a way of thinking, It's not just a way of living. It's all things. It's all connected. It's all elements aligned & balanced.

I think the first step is to realize how you as an individual realize that at the same time we aren't individuals. We are all connected. We aren't really alone. Even though you may sit in a big house with all this space, you (we) aren't alone. We are connected to the very air we breathe. We are connected to the very space we live in.

The same energy that's inside a beautiful flower or the most beautiful day that we have ever experienced is the same energy that created you; that is a part of you.

You are perfect! We are beautiful creatures. I know this sounds mushy, but in all reality it's true.

For everything you do there is a purpose. For every way you look there is a purpose. That's THE WAY. Even the "bad" people, there is a purpose for the better good.

There are so many religions out there and there are so many people following all these paths, but there is one truth behind it all. I and these people has one common goal to find that connection with the higher source. Whatever we call it; be it God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Allah, Creator, or Goddess.

In all reality we already know or have that connection. The Higher Source is within each of us. We are a part of the whole. We are a fracture of the Higher Conscious.

Higher Conscious, now that could sum it all. We spend our lives following a path or different paths (which is mostly the case) through our life. These paths are lead by different people or different circumstances. We follow these paths to not find that connection, but to become ourselves of a Higher Conscious. To become enlightened to that Higher Conscious. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is already here. The Kingdom is within you." That Higher Conscious is within us, we just need to find that connection, whether it be Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism and Hinduism. We follow that path hoping to reach or to find that connection.

Look at the story of  the Tower of Babel in the Bible. All those people working together, built that tower to reach heaven, then (according to the King James version) God confused the people and they stopped building. They started speaking in different languages and couldn't work together so the building project stop.

Just like those people we are trying to build that connection to "God", by trial & error. Sometimes we think we are just about there and "God" throws in something else to stop the work.

It's not the building itself that connects us, but it's the building process. We get thrown a  lot of curves during this process, but we have to remember upon these curves we build a stronger foundation, a stronger building and a stronger connection with that Higher Conscious. Just as there are different methods of building; different elements into the building of a project, we have within ourselves those same elements.

If I haven't had to go through what I went through then I wouldn't be as wise as I am now. I wouldn't be who I am today. I'm better that I was yesterday, for I have learned different things, and now I'm a better person for that and tomorrow has more promises for more growth.

For so many years I have went through the thought of helping people and that's what I've been doing and thoroughly enjoying it, but in the last five years I have discovered that I had more work to do on me than I had ever known.

No, I'm not saying I thought I was perfect, but I was helping people out and thought I didn't have the same issues.

One of my biggest issues was control.

I felt more safe if I controlled everything around me, but after these five years I have learned that I'm not in control of anything, but only myself and my actions.

That's THE WAY it is.

I tried to control situations to where I wouldn't get hurt. No one likes to get hurt. I tried to control to where I wouldn't be alone. I controlled things because in all reality I was afraid. I controlled things so bad that I hurt the ones that I truly love. When you love someone, whether it be family, friends or that someone special you don't control them or situations. You love them just as they are by letting them be who they are rather you like it or not.

Control is one of man's worst habit. On the path to THE WAY you have to loose control to gain control.

Controlling others and situations is a fear of the unknown, fear of the next minute and fear of the possibilities. Control can be also the outcome of distrust. Distrust (no faith) in the ones that love you, no faith in the Creator and most importantly no trust or faith in yourself.

Yes we all have trusted people, trusted ourselves and gotten hurt, but that's THE WAY to build our tower to that Higher Consciousness which is within ourselves.That is THE WAY we lay down good, solid foundations.

With these hurtful situations we learn something about ourselves, our strengths, our importance and our weaknesses. We learn why we got hurt or should I say we learn why we hurt ourselves. We learn not to allow ourselves to hurt ourselves again. We learn to build stronger blocks. We become greater masons.

In order to gain control, you must lose control.

Blessings As Always,


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Absolutely Wonderful! :)

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