Sunday, April 22, 2012

We are all important!

I went to the river one night. I had a lot on my mind so usually I would go down and sit on the guard rail across from the cemetery. I sit there over looking the river, which I can see on all three sides of me. It's a great view on cloudless nights with the wind blowing on the water. You can see a blanket of stars covering up the sky.

So one night was that special night. As I was gazing over the water feeling the wind. I saw the moon glimmering on the water, the lights of the houses on the other banks, way across from me and the stars shinning in the sky. I saw the whole entire Milky Way. Something accrued to me. What a vast world and universe it is. How beautiful it all is. I noticed each and every house that I could see with their lights on and the family or person in each house. I thought to myself, "What were they doing?" "What problems do they have?" "Do they get along?" "Are they happy or sad?" etc, etc. Then I  noticed how each house that I saw with their streetlights or lights within their homes made the whole scene around me beautiful, adding their glimmer on the water and looking, all together, as a garland of Christmas lights, or a pearl or a diamond necklace.

I looked up and saw the stars above me, how bright they were shinning that particular night. The Milky Way did look like a trail of milk across the dark sky. Maybe a god or goddess left a trail of milk or maybe some milk maid was carrying milk in her pail and didn't know it had a hole.

The I began thinking those stars are suns or planets in another galaxy from far away. There were people there as well. "What are they doing?" "What problems do they have?" " Are they happy or sad?", etc, etc. Same questions as above ran through my head. Again I saw how these tiny lights that I'm seeing, all together made the scene around me beautiful.

Then it dawned on me.

All these people, these living beings had their problems, their "issues", bad days and good days. Some are great people, some are not, but they make the whole scene beautiful. Their lights are shinning making my sight beautiful. If one of those lights were not there or one of those stars were not there, then the scene and the atmosphere that I was admiring, enjoying would be less spectacular. Each one of those lights, those people, no matter what, were needed that night. They would be missed the next time that I came down. They were important and be missed.

Then I thought that I am a light. I am a pebble on a shore or a grain of sand on a beach, a star in the sky, or a light on a distant shore making some one's night across the river or galaxy enjoyable. Then the beach would be less full or the night would be less bright if I wasn't there.

I started understanding how important those people are, those lights, those stars above me to all of the universe, to all that's around me. I understand how important I was to all of creation.

I understand how we all are connected and needed, no matter the problems or "issues", the bad and the good. No matter if we were happy or sad, no matter if we are a good person or not. We are all connected and it would be less if these lights around me and above me and inside me were not there.

I thanked the spirits for showing me the knowledge and as I finished my prayer. I ask if they heard me and if they give me strength, courage to face life everyday, and the wisdom to know what to do. A few minutes later a star shot across the sky and I knew they heard me.

Blessings As Always,

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