Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2000 Lunar Eclipse: We Stand As One

I wrote this in 2000 as I was watching a Lunar Eclipse.

As I sit here waiting, watching for the Lunar Eclipse with my white candle lite. White for the Goddess and the moonlight being shed upon everything around me. I think about years gone by that my ancestors waited for this same moment.

Somewhere through time. Somewhere in some ancient Celtic land. I can see them sitting around on hilltops where the winds chilled them to the bone. Shivering, waiting for the moment when the moon, the Goddess, for an hour or so, the Goddess leaves the night sky.

Families hurdled together for warmth and protection. Storytellers telling the stories of ancient times gone by. Stories of heroes, heroines, myths, and monsters.

I sit here in the present thinking about my ancestors looking up at the night sky, seeing the misty halo around the Lunar Goddess, wondering what's going to happen. Are the stories true as the storytellers say?
Wondering what's going through their minds. The minds of the Elders. The thoughts of the warriors, the women, least we not forget the minds of the children.

2000 is here and now. Rumours of world destruction has gone and past without any truth. Was this the same as what my ancestors were thinking? Did they cry because the Lunar Goddess would be gone? Did they cry because of what the bad omens of this strange supernatural event meant to the Sages and the storytellers?

Now I can hear the Sages, the Shamans and the Druids, foretelling their prophecy for their people.
The wind blows through the trees, the dogs start to bark and howl. I can see my ancient ancestors faces show expressions of beliefs and fears of the unknown.

Who was causing this? Why was this happening? Many, so many questions going through their heads. The hair stands on the back of their necks, their skin tingles with excitement, or is it fear or the cold wind. Possibly could be all three feelings wrapped into one.

Did they, my ancestors, see the stars gathered around the Lunar Goddess, as if they were protecting the Goddess. Trying to stop this strange event? Are the stars, her children mourning their Goddess?

I am so blessed to be able to sit here among my ancestors and watch this event.

I can hear them, my ancestors, as they whisper among themselves. "Are they true?" "Do they speak the truth?"

The large crowd has gotten a little smaller, as some leaves, because of fear or perhaps of the cold. Maybe they didn't want to know the truth, for surely they had to believe. The beginning of this strange event has surely convinced them of the truth. Whose truth? Maybe they pondered that.

Now I hear the Sages, telling the warriors to light the fires to drive away the shadow that is creeping upon the Lunar Goddess. The warriors stand bold and strong as if they are preparing for a battle. They gather their torches and boldly walk to the piles of oak limbs and branches. Upon the Sage's command, they ignite the huge bonfires, together, in union across the hills of my ancient ancestors' lands, then without notice and warning the on-lookers shriek with cries, as they look up toward the darkening sky.

To their amazement the halo has gotten a reddish tint to it. Could their fire be penetrating the shadow? The Sage's magic must be working? Could it be the shadow has gotten angry towards them, for the rescue attempt? The red halo is gone. The shadow continues to devour the Lunar Goddess. Their magic has failed!

Now I hear the Sages commanding the drum to began playing. The drummers all across the hills of the land starts to beat their drums. The sound echoing throughout the villages and the low lands.

The atmosphere is now a sad mood across the people. The shadow has halfway consumed the Lunar Goddess. Will the magic work?

It has before, the stories tells.

The land gets darker. The dogs are quiet as if in reverence of the passing of the Lunar Goddess.
All you hear is the drumming, beating, to the anticipating heart beats of my ancestors.
The shadows grows longer,  moving cross the hills and mountains of the lands. The bonfires grows brighter by the minute.

It must be true what the story tells.

Thoughts goes through my ancient ancestors heads. Memories of days gone past. Wives loving their husbands. Warriors remembering battles. Children staring in wonderment.

Now chanting begins, beating with the drums. Chanting to bring back the Lunar Goddess. The battle isn't over, yet. Long as there is still light, there is hope.

Now only a small slice of the Goddess is left. Warriors holds up their swords high above them, crying out their war cries, echoing throughout the ancient mountains and valleys. Mothers huddle their children close to themselves. Warriors beating their weapons on their shields. The scene must have been exciting. The warriors with war cries and beating their swords on their battered shields, the drums beating, the people chanting and the fires blazing throughout the land.

She is almost gone, our Lunar Goddess!

What will happen to us? Will she be back? Is the shadow world going to be the ruler of the world now?

Now the Lunar Goddess is gone!

The cries, the drums are louder now. My ancestors scream out with all of their energy.  Mothers huddles their children even closer now. What could be lurking about? Demons? Goblins? Children of the shadow world?
The wind is dead now. Is it  mourning the absence of the Goddess?

They can see her, hanging there in the dark. Fighting the shadow for her children. The crowd of people gather closer around the fires as the Sage assures of the return of their beloved Goddess. People wonder if they speak the truth. They must for this unnatural event has taken place as they said. She must return!

There is a hush over the crowds. There is a hush over the lands of my ancestors. The drums has stopped, as well as the war cries. The warriors has dropped their shields and weapons. All they do is stare up at the night sky.

The silence is foreboding across the mountains and valleys. The shadow across the Lunar Goddess has turned red. Whispering throughout the people spreads. What does that mean? Why is she red? Blood of a warrior on the battleground? Is she fighting back? Whose blood? Hers or the shadow's? My ancient ancestors waits in anticipation, staring at the dark sky, while billows of mist flows from their agape mouths.

Warriors piercing eyes, patrolling the surroundings, waiting to battle that which lurks in the shadows.

All is quiet except for the wonderment pondering in their minds. Will this end?

More has left, back to their homes, where they feel safe or preparing for the worse.

How the shadow gets darker. The Goddess is getting weaker. Is she loosing the fight?

Once more the warriors stand up and yell their war cries, shaking their weapons towards the night sky, towards the Lunar Goddess. Yelling all their energy to aide in the rescue of their Lunar Goddess.

Once more the drums beat, but this time with a stronger sound, echoing throughout the mountains of my ancestors. The Sage feeling the excitement and the heart beating of Mother Earth, stands up and begin their chanting of forgotten words. Their hands held up high along with the warriors singing their words towards the dark sky.

Will it work? It must work!

All gathered around the bonfires, which dances in the dark mountains.

The women stand up begin chanting their own words of power, while their children shaking, holding onto their mother's legs or by the hems of their dress. Their little eyes filled with amazement and fear at the same time.

My ancestors, one voice, one mind and one spirit working towards something . Something, a cause, that they hold dear. A cause that they embrace with their lives.

Seeing the scene, through time, makes me wonder. Would I stand for something that I hold so dear in my life? No matter how simple or strange it seems to other people. I would like to think I would, since this ancient ancestors' blood runs through my veins. Blood of the warriors, the Sage, the women, and the children. Would my voice be among them? I catch myself as I cried out towards the night sky. Realizing that I was still in the present, I look around to see if anyone notice me.

It was then that I noticed that I am no longer in the past sitting with my ancestors on the hills observing the Lunar Eclipse. I was back on my deck.

I looked up and watched as the shadow slowly but surely creeps over the moon. I watched as the moon began coming back slice by slice, shinning in the dark sky. Even though I couldn't see the scene of my ancestors anymore, I swear I could hear their cries of welcome and celebration as the Lunar Goddess gradually overcame the shadow. Although I couldn't see them, I could feel them in my heart. I could feel the beating of the drums. I could hear the chanting of the Sages, the Druids, and the Shamans.

When the Eclipse was over, I left the white candle burning and went in the house. That night when I went to bed, I dreamed about the celebration that they must have had that night when their Lunar Goddess came back, but that's another story.

written and actually witnessed by Grannulus

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