Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is my attempt at a 3rd video. This video is about a 'money' spell that I came across years ago. I don't perform spells that much, hardly at all.  I performed this one years ago and it work. I shared it with friends as well with the same results. There is a WARNING though. I would not advise doing this spell if you haven't tried everything to bring money into your life. This spell should be last resort and I'm not suggesting breaking the law to bring money into your life. For ex... if you know of a job that you could make money with but you won't take the job because it's beneath you because of its amount of hourly wage. Then you perform this spell either it won't work OR it will and then eventually karma will come around because you 'lied' to yourself & the spirits. I've seen it work that way.
When it does work, no... money will fall out of the sky and it will not be enough to make you rich. It will be enough to help you & your family. The blessings may not take the form of money when it appears. It could be some food, some clothes, a friend helping... blessings aren't tied only to money.. thank the gods!
Please be patient with the blurring. It's my camera trying to focus while I move around. I can't be still when I talk. A camcorder is on this year's list. 
Part 2 will be posted soon. I promise...
Blessings As Always,

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