Saturday, February 5, 2011

Potato / Money Spell

This is a spell that was given to me when I was very little by my grandfather. This spell is a money spell and trust me it does work, but there is a warning tag that goes along with it. DO NOT USE THIS SPELL IF YOU HAVE TRIED EVERY & ANY WAY POSSIBLE TO ATTAIN MONEY. THIS SPELL IS ONLY FOR LAST RESORT.  I have given this spell to a number of people along with the warning.
    I had a friend who was trying to get her disability check and it wasn't coming quick enough for her. So I went over to her house and showed her how to do it. In my opinion she really didn't need the disability check for I didn't see any disability except for being lazy. She very well could have worked a job. I warned her and she didn't listen. I continued to instruct her on how to do the spell and of course she did it.  About a week later, she got her check in the mail.  Several months went by and somehow the government found out that she could / can work and her checks was cut and she had to pay back all the money that the government had given her. I warned her. So please heed the warning.
     For the spell you will need the following items:
          1 large potato
          9 toothpicks
              and any 3 of the following items: pine straw, any type of seeds, acorns, flour, cornmeal, rice, a coin.

     Take the potato hold it in your power hand, the hand that you use the most. While holding it add some of your energy to the potato empowering it to grow. Think about how the potato has feed lots of people. Think about how the potato is from the Mother Earth herself and how with just a little piece of it, you can grow some food to feed a family.
     Then cut the potato in half, vertically. Take a spoon and dig out the meat or the inside of each half of the potato while thinking about what I suggested in the last paragraph. This spell is all about empowerment as most spells.  While scooping out the meat try not to break the outer skin of the potato because you are going to place items inside the potato.
     Then choose any three of the items that I mentioned above: pine straw, any type of seeds, an acorn, flour, cornmeal, rice or a coin.  These items represent growth, being feed and not being hungry, fertility and richness; not by today's standard but by the standards of the ancients. These are things that you can find in your cabinets or out in your yard. If you choose anything from the outside and off the land leave some type of offering.
     After you have chosen 3 of the items that you wish to use or could find, then hold each one in your power hand and empower it. Think about what that item means, for example if you choose rice, think about how it grows from the water, how it feeds large populations and etc. Also give thanks for this item.
     After you have blessed or empowered each item that you have chosen to use, place them inside the halves of the potato that you have scooped out. Remember only choose 3.
     This is where the 9 toothpicks come into place. Place the two halves back together with the 3 items that you have chosen inside. Take the 9 toothpicks and 'sew' the potato back together, holding the two halves together. Go all around the cut that you made when you cut the potato in half. Space out the toothpicks so that you use all of them and that they go around the whole of the potato. Don't use any less than 9 or any more than 9. You are literally sewing the potato back together. If you have any questions about this part them please email me at with subject line Potato Spell and I will try to answer them.
     After you have done this, then hold the whole potato with hands and again empowering it.
     Take the potato outside and bury it deep; deep enough that nothing will dig it up.  As you are 'planting' the potato say a prayer to Mother Earth. Something like this:
      " Dear Blessed Mother Earth. Take my offering and my prayer. I need this for ______________. I thank you for all that you have done for me and given me.  I need your help in my desperate hour. "
      This will give you an idea on what you could say.
     I have buried the potato at different times of the day and it still has worked, but the most powerful time that I found to do this is at night under a full moon.
     After you have buried it, forget about it.
     I had one friend who did this spell and later the potato started growing out of the ground, which of course it would normally do if you were planting a garden. The spell worked twice for her.  We thought that was real special.  She had forgotten about it until she notice the plant coming out of the ground.
     The reason for 3 items and 9 toothpicks is because the ancient Celtics considered the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to be special and sacred, particularly the number nine because it was 3 multiplied 3 times.  Three repesented and was sacred to the Triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother & Crone.
      I hope this spell helps you in many ways. Please remember though, DON'T USE IT UNLESS YOU DESPERATELY NEED IT AND HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING THAT YOU MORALLY AND POSSIBLY COULD TRY. If you don't heed this warning it will come back on you. I have seen it happen so many times.


Anonymous said...

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