Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In the present day calendar, the month of October is the 10th month, but in the Roman calendars, October was the 8th month. October got it's name from the word 'Octo' meaning eight. The Saxons called this month Wyn Monath, which was considerd the season of wine making. It was also once named 'Winmonth', which also meant wine month. Other names for the month which marked the beginning of the Autumn season, was 'Teo-monath' (Tenth Month) and 'winter-fylleth' (winter full moon) in some of the Old Saxon traditions.
     Servants and farm lavourers would work from October to October. They would go to the nearest 'Mop' fair to hire themselves out for the next year. A lot of towns and villages still carry on this tradition on Old Michaelmas Day which is October 10th.
     Oktoberfest, the German celebration originated on October the 17th, which was the wedding day of King Ludwig I.

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