Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Father Time

Well, the year 2009 is almost past and the year 2010 is about to begin. What does the new year have for us?
     The popular figure that is usually use to represent the old year is a figure called Father Time. He is usually represent as an old man with a long white beard, dressed in a long robe, carrying a scythe or a sickle and sometimes also holding a hour glass. Where did this figure come from?
     He can be traced back to the god Chronos, not to be confused with the Titan Cronus. He is said to be the representation of time itself. In some Greco-Roman mosaices, he is pictured as turning the Zodiac Wheel and is often named Aeon meaning Eternal Time. In some traditions he is also called the Father of the Horae ( Hours ). He was the second primordial god to be created He controls the past, present and future of everything. Without Chronos the other Greek gods would not have ever been made. Chronos is sometimes picture as an old wise man with a long beard. His name in modern Greek also means "year".
     Another figure that Father Time origins can be traced back to is the Roman deity of time, Saturn. He was also an ancient Italian corn god known as the Sower. His favorite weapon of choice was the scythe or sickle. He was honored by the Romans at Midwinter festival called Saturnalia.
     Saturn's flint sickle represents the harvest of the crops; last year's crops getting the fields ready for the following year's crops. Time can be seen as a harvester of the 'crops' either of days of the past or for the days of the future.  Time can be a teacher of many lessons that we have experienced in the past days or years. We can take the time to reflect on the purpose of these lessons and see how they affected our life. This is how we learn and grow therefore time can be the harvester of our 'crops' and prepare us (the fields) for next year's crops.
     Sometimes Father Time is seen with a hour glass which can be seen to symbolize the flow of time as both a destructive and constructive effect. His decrepit body and long, white beard can be considered  a reminder that time itself is a devourer of all things. Nothing can escape time, but the gift of time is the serenity and the wisdom that are harvested only though the experience living of a long life. The downward flow of the sand in the hour glass is balanced by the upward flow of the spirit. The loss of the body's vitality is balanced by the increasing wisdom of the spirit and the mind.
     Some see time as something that is dreaded but it is also something that we can look forward to. Think of all the lessons that we have learned in the past year, 2009, and the ones that we are going to learn in the next year, 2010, that will make us stronger and wiser.
     Yesterday is the past. It's gone. Can never be regain and not to be regetted. Tomorrow is not promised but it is something to look forward to with a song in your spirit and a lift in your step. Today is a gift and that's why it's called the present. Unwrap it and enjoy it!
     Father Time can be considerd a teacher for us.

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