Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter, a time of sharing and looking within

     The Winter months are upon us once again. The days are shorter and the nights are longer.
     Our ancient ancestors saw this as a season of death and decay. Our families today are not as close as they were in the past or I should say our survival today isn't relied on family closeness. Back in the days of our ancients the families lived mostly in one house; brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, parents and etc and most of the time along with the livestock. So in order to survive they had to been a closeness.
     Out in the world of nature, our ancestors saw the death and decay that the winter months brought on. Nights were darker, cold and silent. Not as many animals that we used for survival were around. The birds migrated to warmer climates. The bears went into hibernation. The deer or stags migrated as well with most of the predator animals following.
     Most of the trees lost their leaves, which has fallen down to the earth covering her as a blanket. The forest looking as a graveyard of skeletons. So our ancient ancestors had their reasons to see this as a season of death and decay.
     With the temperatures dropping and the nights getting longer, most of the families stayed inside around their fires.
     This would be the time that ancient stories of heroes and heroines would be told. Stories passed down from generation to generation or from clan to clan. Grandparents would share and passed down traditions to their children, the same with mothers and fathers. The men would take this time in preparing and repairing tools for hunting or gardening. I'm sure they would also spin their tales of hunting and the one that got away. The women along with their daughters talking and teaching about herbs. The art of sewing and making clothes for the following spring.
    While the world outside the homes seem to be in a state of death, the family on the inside was in a state of living, sharing and being close. It was a time of reflection and preparing for the following year. It was a time in preparing for the sun to come again. This was a time of the elders.
     The elders of the clans or the family teaching and sharing with their children the art of surviving and living on.
     In today's time, we don't have to have the closeness as our ancient ancestors did. We don't have a fire that we huddle around to keep warm.  We don't have to go out and hunt for food or store for the winter months. We don't see the winter months as the season of death and decay as our ancestors did. We have lost something. Our families have lost a lot of the closeness that we need.
     Just as our ancestors did, we still have the 'holidays' when we get together and share. That's probably why celebrating the holidays are just as important as back in the ol' days. The meanings of these celebrations may have change through time, but they are still just as important.
     Take this time when you are inside, sheltered from the cold outside, to not only get close to those you love, but also get close to yourself.  Take this time to reflect upon yourself. Take a look within.  Remember those things that you learned in the past year. Prepare yourself for the coming year. Learn and teach yourself how to apply these new lessons to make your life better.
     Now only is this a time when Mother Earth or Mother Goddess mourns for the lost of her lover and awaits for him to return, but she also takes the time to prepare for the coming year. She is looking within her and preparing for her lover to return from the Otherworld. Also while he is there in the Otherworld, he is as well, taking a look within himself preparing to return and bring back the warmth. They both are taking the time to be alone to their selves, learning, preparing and growing from within.
     You too should take this time to look within your own Well of Wisdom and look at all that you have learned in this past year. Take the time to go to your Elders and learn from them before they are gone through the Veil. Take a dip in their Well of Wisdom. You'll be amazed at what you can learn. Also go to the younger generation of your family and friends and share with them the things that you learned.
     As Christmas suppose to be, truly celebrate this season with the gift of giving. Giving not as in gifts or monetary wise, but sharing apart of yourself. Don't forget to treat yourself as well.
     Blessings As Always,

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