Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Connecticut Witch: Alse Young

In 1647, Alse Young was the first woman to be accused and executed of witchcraft in the thirteen American colonies. Very little is known about her. She had married a carpenter, John Young from Windsor, Connecticut. John had brought himself a small parcel of land in Windsor in 1641 and then sold it in 1649 after the execution of his wife, then he disappeared. Like similar cases of witchcraft cases, Alse Young was a woman without a son when the accusations was made, which meant that she would be eligible to receive through inheritance her husband's estate.
     She had a daughter, Alice Young Beamon who was also accused of witchcraft in nearby Springfield, Massachusetts, 30 years later.
     Alse was hanged at the Meeting House Square in Hartford, Connecticut on what is now the site of the Old State House.
     Let's remember Alse Young and her daughter, Alice Young Beamon. May their spirits find rest.
     Remember the Burning Times!


Anonymous said...

I am a descendant of Alice young and Alice Beamon Young. Thank you for the tribute.

Sharon Pratt Patton

Grannulus said...

You are very welcome. I try to pay my respect by mentioning the ones of the past, who has been victims of any witch trials.
Blessings to you,

David H. MacLennan said...

I am a descendant of Simon Beamon and Alice Beamon nee Young and, therefore, presumably, of Alse Young, hanged as a witch. The Springfield Mass Town Hall records have several references to Simon Beamon and there is at least one reference to Alice. In a sad postscript to Simon's life, but not his wife's life, on February 4, 1678 (two years after Simon's death), the "Town was desirous to accommodate the poor widow Beamon by 1/4 acre to set a house upon". This sounds to me as though she was respected in the community in 1678, not despised as a witch! She lived for another 30 years. david

Blodwyn Beynon said...

I also am a descendant of Alse.Such sad times....

Shanon said...

I am also a descendant of Simon Beamon and Alice Beamon (Young). I have just started working on this side of my family, and to find out my family was accused of witchcraft, and hung, is devistating. I'm in complete shock. I pray that their souls have found some kind of peace.

Shanon Vollmar

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I am Katrina "Kat" Beeman-Westover of the Simon Beamon/Alice Young Beamon family line. Alse Young and Alice Young Beamon shall never be forgotten.
Blessed Be

Grannulus said...

Thank you for visiting the grove and I hope that I did your family some justice especially after what happened.
I wish you and your blessings always,

Jamie said...

I am also a descendent of Alice and Simon, so also Alse.. what a fascinating and tragic thing to learn about my family history.

Anonymous said...

I am a descendant as well. If anyone wants to reach out to me ❤️ I would love to connect.
Morgan Kelsey